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We’re dedicated to crafting effective automotive marketing strategies that consider the evolving consumer behaviour, technological advancements, and the competitive industry landscape.

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At CMe Automotive, we are dedicated to crafting effective automotive marketing strategies that consider the evolving consumer behaviour, technological advancements, and the competitive industry landscape. Our team understands that successful marketing goes beyond driving sales; it also involves building brand awareness and loyalty among consumers.

We leverage digital marketing techniques such as social media advertising, content marketing, and SEO to help you reach your target audience and stay ahead of the competition.

With our innovative and targeted approach, we can help your brand thrive in the ever-changing automotive industry.

CMe Automotive is your go-to marketing partner for the automotive industry. Our expertise lies in digital marketing, including SEO, social media advertising, and email marketing, to boost your online presence and drive website traffic.

We also offer traditional marketing services such as billboard advertising, print ads, and direct mail to reach potential customers through multiple channels. With our extensive knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the automotive industry, we provide expert guidance and advice to develop effective marketing strategies that grow your business.

Trust CMe Automotive to help you reach and engage with your target audience and drive success.

CMe Automotive

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At CMe Automotive, we understand the importance of developing effective automotive marketing strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. Whether it’s increasing sales, building brand awareness, or generating leads, our team of experts can help you reach your desired outcome.
Charisse Smith - Founder and CEO | CMe Automotive

Charisse Smith

Founder & CEO

Charisse Smith is a dynamic entrepreneur with a remarkable journey spanning the media and automotive sectors. Starting out as a young mother with a drive for success, Charisse found her niche in sales and advertising, initially in magazine advertising before joining Bauer Media’s Wave 105 as a Motors Account Manager in 2005. It was here that her passion for the automotive industry ignited, leading her to establish CMe Media from her dining room table. Her expertise and passion drive her success as the CEO of CMe Media and CMe Automotive.

Allen Scott - Automotive Client Director | CMe Automotive

Allen Scott

Automotive Client Director

As a specialist senior marketing professional Allen has a wealth of experience across the entire automotive landscape. The bulk of his career has been spent at Inchcape where he progressed to Director of Customer Marketing. More recently he spent seven years spent as Group Communications & Marketing Director at Snows Motor Group. The early part of his career experience was spent gaining client (B&Q), agency (Kingsley) and media (Portsmouth Publishing & Printing) experience before settling in the automotive sector. 

Neil Smith - Advisor | CMe Automotive

Neil Smith


Once acquired by Cazoo Neil was appointed Retail Operations Director with a remit to transition the Imperial teams, processes and locations across to Cazoo. In November 2020 that transition was completed with the final Imperial retail outlet closing for refurbishment at which point he exited Cazoo and founded Motorvait automotive consultancy. As a board advisor to CMe Automotive Neil brings a wealth of automotive marketing and retailing experience to the team.

Jon Hiscock

Campaign Strategy & Key Account Director

Laura Hill

Media & Content Manager

Belinda Thomas

Finance Director
Jack Thomas - Sales Manager | CMe Automotive

Jack Thomas

Sales Manager

Marisa Wiseman

Media Manager

Denise Burge

Office Administrator

Nathan Jacobs

Website Development Manager

India Ford

SEO Client Manager

Marc Towell

Design & Content Executive

Thomas Lo

Digital & PPC Specialist
Petar Nikolov - Digital & PPC Specialist | CMe Automotive

Petar Nikolov

Digital & PPC Specialist

Natalie Locke

Office Administrator
Lianne Clark - HR & Compliance Manager | CMe Automotive

Lianne Clark

HR & Compliance Manager

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