Top-of-Funnel and Lower-Funnel Marketing

What is the importance of top-of-funnel and lower-funnel activity in automotive marketing. CMe Automotive answer your questions!

Originally Posted: 15/09/2022

Top-of-funnel and lower-funnel marketing activities are important for automotive brands because they allow them to reach and engage with potential customers at different stages of the customer journey. Contact our team at CMe Automotive to learn more!

Top-of-Funnel Marketing

Top-of-funnel marketing activities are designed to attract and engage with potential customers who are just beginning to consider purchasing a vehicle. These activities, which include branding and awareness campaigns, are designed to introduce potential customers to a brand and its products, and to build interest and curiosity.

Lower-Funnel marketing

Lower-funnel marketing activities, on the other hand, are designed to engage with potential customers who are further along in the purchasing process and are actively considering making a purchase. These activities, which include conversion optimisation and retargeting, are designed to help automotive brands convert potential customers into actual customers by providing them with the information and support they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Why Is This Important?

Automotive brands need to have a blend of top-of-funnel and lower-funnel marketing activities because it allows them to reach and engage with potential customers at different stages of the customer journey. By providing potential customers with the right information and support at the right time, automotive brands can help guide them through the purchasing process and increase their chances of making a sale.

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